University of Pennsylvania Utilizes “Green Printing Technology” to Cut Waste

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How do you print the same amount of color documents yet generate 90 percent less ink and lasUniversity of Pennsylvania - Logoer cartridge waste? Just ask the University of Pennsylvania who has begun this sustainability effort by employing Ink Stick“ color printers in several departments.

The environmental impact of traditional laser and inkjet printing is significant. It takes 3 quarts of oil to produce one toner cartridge and the empty generates about 5 lbs of waste plastic and metal.

“Ink Stick” technology uses a cube-shaped crayon-like block of ink instead of the traditional toner or ink cartridge. The cubes are dropped into a dispenser at the top of the printer and are melted, then deposited on the paper. The ink stick is almost entirely used up in the printing process. There is no empty cartridge so there is very little waste.

University departments using this technology have seen important environmental benefits. In one example, the Residence Hall labs alone managed a reduction of 1,076 pounds of waste (that’s half a ton) by utilizing ten color solid ink machines over 3 years of use.

Penn’s preferred vendor DocuSense, who is is spearheading the technology, sees great potential. “We’ve just scratched the surface for reducing waste and saving petroleum here at the University” said Bob Melso, Vice-President of DocuSense. “If just 10 percent of the current prints came from these machines we’d eliminate approximately 5,000 lbs of waste and save 1,500 gallons of oil yearly”

For more information contact Brian Doty, phone 1-800-422-0080 or visit


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Do You Get Excellent eConcierge Services?

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eConcierge By Xerox

You’ve got enough to do already. Xerox eConcierge will help lighten your load. It takes printing supplies off your to-do list.

What’s the first thing you think about when someone says, FREE? Do you think there’s a catch? Of course, we all know nothing is free. But there is NO catch, and we’re excited to share this information on how you can save time during the workday by using eConcierge presented by Xerox Supplies Assistant.

Are you now thinking, what is eConcierge and how can it help me?

Listed below you’ll find the top reasons to grab this cool service and we’re always here to help you get started!

Through the power of the cloud, you can vastly simplify every aspect of ordering printer supplies, not only for Xerox devices but also for other leading brands. It’s easy to use, super convenient, and includes a printer service reward for Xerox printers and select multi-function printers and devices. And best of all, it’s free and comes with no obligation! Seriously, how cool is that?

There are some terrific reasons to participate in the eConcierge program by Xerox and listed below are just some of the reasons you can’t live without it for your business.

  • eConcierge is Hassle Free

To get started, we’ll help you download the Supplies Assistant application to your desktop. It automatically discovers the printers on your network and allows you to edit the list through its intuitive interface. You can check printer status anytime. When a printer is running low on ink or toner, a pop-up alert reminds you to review and approve your pre-populated supplies options. Place your order with a credit card and you’re done!

How the application finds your supplies
See how eConcierge Powered by Xerox automatically detects your networked printers

  • eConcierge offers Instant Printer Identification

With eConcierge, powered by Xerox, you’ll never have to search out printer model numbers or sift through confusing supplies part numbering systems again. The service automatically identifies each printer model and its associated supplies, including options like standard and high-capacity toner cartridges. When you have multiple devices on your network, it can be a night mare when trying to manage all those devices. Think about how this can work for your company.

How you order supplies
See how eConcierge Powered by Xerox notifies you when supplies are needed and automatically builds your order

  • eConcierge Provides Proactive Alerts

With eConcierge, powered by Xerox, you’ll never have to run out of printing supplies and wait for more to arrive. The service sends an automatic alert to your desktop when supplies are low, and it’s time to think about ordering replacements—before you run out.

  • eConcierge is Safe and Secure

Printer information and status updates are encrypted, securely managed and hosted by the eConcierge powered by Xerox cloud. Credit card transactions, are safe and secure utilizing®, a subsidiary of CyberSource®, a Visa® company.

  • eConcierge Maximizes Business Efficiency

It’s about time. Today’s business has one speed: fast. The free eConcierge powered by Xerox service streamlines the entire process of monitoring and ordering printer supplies. It’s easy to use, super convenient and provides a free service reward for Xerox printers. Deploy your own personal printer supplies assistant now!

Advanced features
Learn about tracking shipments, order history and detailed printer usage through eConcierge Powered by Xerox

It’s about time. Today’s business has one speed: fast. The free eConcierge powered by Xerox service streamlines the entire process of monitoring and ordering printer supplies. It’s easy to use, super convenient and provides a free service reward for Xerox printers. Deploy your personal printer supplies assistant now!

We’re also really excited to mention you can buy or lease equipment. From small desktop devices to larger multi-function machines, Xerox is NOW offering mind-blowing deals that you don’t want to miss!

To receive these unbelievable price reductions, offered through September 30th, 2013 be sure to act quickly.

Help Me Get eConcierge

Now that’s DocuSense, Complexity Simplified!


What Is The Cost Per Page For Your Devices?

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Calculating Cost Per Page

When managing print and copy costs in your organization you should do the correct calculations (the best you can anyway)  to truly understand the cost per page for every device you lease or own. Therefore, we’re providing the calculations needed based on usage Cost Per Page Printingand acquisition.

Usage Costs

  • Know the cost of each supply and its anticipated yield.

  • The anticipated yield of supplies is usually based on 5% print coverage (5% print coverage is equal to about one page with 20 sentences in 12 point type).

  • If you typically print more than 5% coverage, your yield for each toner and supplies will be less and your cost per page will be higher.

  • Want to find out how much coverage one of your own documents has? Go to Free Coverage Calculator to download a 30-day trial version of software that will show you the % coverage for any of your documents. You can also go to Page Coverage for more information on determining page yields.

  • Don’t forget to add maintenance kits, fusers etc.., divided by their yields.

  • Generally, the lower the acquisition cost for the device, the higher the cost per page for supplies.

  • For service, take the cost of a service contract and divide it by the number of anticipated prints/copies for the period of coverage. Total all of the supplies and service costs per page and you’ll have a total estimated service/supply cost per page.

Acquisition Costs

  • Take the purchase price divided by the number of months of estimated service divided by the estimated pages you will copy/print per month.

  • Add the acquisition and usage cost per page to get total cost per page for the device. Or, call DocuSense and we’ll help you do the calculation.

DocuSense can help you further determine cost per page printing and show you how to do the calculations for your entire fleet of printers. Furthermore, we’ll also provide a full spectrum analysis and discuss successful ways to use automated software so you can get this information with the simple click of a mouse.  To set up an appointment with a DocuSense expert team member Call:  1-800-422-0080 or email:

We are the only partner for your Multifunction devices and offer the best solutions.

DocuSense, Complexity Simplified.


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Stop Wasting Your IT Department’s Time And Expertise

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Cross “Managed Print” Off Their List Of Burdens To Bear

Few professions have such an ambiguous and amorphous set of responsibilities as that of the IT expert.

Two data center workers standing in front of servers

Don’t waste your IT team’s time with printer repair. Put their skills to the higher-level tasks they were trained and educated to handle.

Information Technology, “Defined”

The Information Technology Association of America has defined information technology (IT) as “the study, design, development, application, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems.” The Association for Computing Machinery defines the academic context of information technology as “undergraduate degree programs that prepare students to meet the computer technology needs of business, government, healthcare, schools and other kinds of organizations.”

But today, practically every aspect of business’ operations are computer-based. The computer technology needs of a company evolve and accumulate each day.

The responsibilities of the IT department have snowballed into an indefinable jumble of time-wasting tasks and drudging duties. Any workday flare up that has a glimmer of gizmo or whisper of widget is considered “IT territory.

Redefine Your IT Department

It’s time to show some respect to your IT department. It’s time to let them focus on the high-level technological operations of your business instead of drowning their days in administrative errands and menial maintenance.

Here are some tasks that should not fall under IT territory:

  • Running and making cables.

There are professionals who are trained to do this; this is their job. While it may cost a bit more money to call in one of these professionals, it’s cost-effective in the long run. By outsourcing your cable management, you’re allowing your IT team to focus on the tasks that have more impact on the operations and bottom line of your business.

  • Manually creating accounts.

Creating accounts comes with a lot of administrative baggage: setting up email, creating directories, setting up networks, syncing data, etc. Shift this burden off the shoulders of IT and onto automated management tools. This way, IT is only called in to handle exceptions and specialty accounts.

  • Resetting passwords.

This may seem trivial — resetting a password only takes a few minutes at most, right? This may be true, but these menial minutes add up. What’s more, they are often accompanied by the all-too-common “And while you’re here, can you take a look at my…?” Solve this time waster with self-service password reset tools, which you can acquire for a pretty cheap price and implement in just a day or two.

  • **Servicing printers and multifunction devices.**

Ask any IT professional and he or she will tell you that repairing and maintaining a company’s printers and copiers is the biggest pain of all tech tasks. Taking care of print management solutions and keeping up with ink or toner supplies should not be duties of the IT department.

Take advantage of those who are experts in managed print and printer services. A print management company not only assumes full responsibility for all of your existing equipment, but also makes recommendations to improve your document workflow with more efficient devices and smart printing strategies. In addition, they’ll take care of your toner or ink supplies, repair needs and, most importantly, answer any questions you have about print management.

Partnering with a company for your print management solutions is not only smart — it’s vital to your company’s efficiency, production and bottom line. Companies like DocuSense get parts and toner or ink supplies quicker, easier and cheaper. And most crucially, we free up your IT experts’ time to focus on the more advanced jobs they were educated and trained to accomplish.

Do what makes sense for your business. Partner with DocuSense — your IT department (and your bottom line) will thank you. 


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The Zen of Document Generation

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What Is The Largest Contributor To Hardcopy Costs?

How a Managed Print Service Partner will help you to reduce cost, improve productivity and protect the environment.

Office Zenzen in office

Zen is perhaps the most annoyingly overused term in modern conversation, but it does have its place. In this case it’s the value of simplicity. In our modern business world,  technology has become ubiquitous, and usually it has been purchased in a reactionary manner rather than a carefully executed plan.

This has left many companies with purpose specific devices from many different manufacturers and IT departments mumbling something about new models in a corner. Enter the teachings of Zen.  By working with a well informed technology provider and perhaps more importantly your IT department, it is possible to not only drastically simplify your device infrastructure, but drastically improve productivity at the same time.

Let’s examine the facts behind hardcopy fleet cost, productivity, and environmental impact.  Doing so will help you to make informed decisions regarding the financial investment of your print and copy devices. By outsourcing and utilizing Managed Print Services you can also positively impact the cost, efficiency, and productivity of your fleet and of your overall organization.

There are four primary drivers of hardcopy cost:

  1. Having too many devices

  2. Deploying the devices in an inefficient manner

  3. Supplies mismanagement

  4. Sub-optimized services

Point Proven

  • According to Photizo Group, a leading industry research firm, perhaps the largest driver of hardcopy costs in most organizations is having too many printing devices. While one device for six workers is considered optimum for most office environments, a  study of 105 North American firms found an average of one device for every two knowledge workers.
  • Another significant driver of cost is deploying devices that are light-duty which are being used too heavily, or heavy-duty printers which are not being used enough.

By example: A  large group of users print volumes of documents to a small local, high cost per page, networked printer, while a higher performance / low cost per page MFP (multifunction printer) device down the hallway sits idle. The price variance between these classes of devices can be as much as 2 cents per page. This may not sound like much until you realize that you could be printing millions of pages per month, and at 2 cents per page, this equates to hundreds of thousands of dollars in operating costs.

  • Having suboptimal services:  Unlike many other IT infrastructure devices such as servers, hardcopy devices are not purely electronic. They are electro-mechanical, with literally thousands of moving parts. Even though extremely reliable, they occasionally require service and repair. Many organizations simply call local vendors or they subscribe to extended warranty/repair contracts which can be expensive, in order to obtain service for devices when they fail.
  • Lastly, supply mismanagement can represent a significant expense at the corporate level. The responsibility for supplies ordering often falls to the administrative assistant closest to the hardcopy device. Lacking proper technical training, they are prone to order the incorrect supplies. Too many uncontrolled departments purchasing and stocking supplies have resulted in closet ‘landfills’ containing toner cartridges which are not actually empty, or have been ordered for the wrong printer.

In their white paper titled “Hidden Assets”  Photizo Group details all of the above information plus  other inefficiencies that contribute to overspending and high document output costs. View this document

To receive an in-depth analysis of your equipment and to see the many ways you can cut costs and save money, contact DocuSense, your managed print service partner. Complexity Simplified.

Contact DocuSense


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